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Reasons for Choosing CakePHP

Jun 25, 2015

There are many reasons to choose CakePHP for web development solution. Here are some of the reasons mentioned, you can check if your enterprise requirements can be fulfilled by this framework. CakePHP is the framework which is simple to learn and code. The web solutions made using this framework are compatible with HTML forms,AJAX controls, Java Scripts and other development tools. CakePHP web development and deployment process is very simple due to faster and lesser coding requirements. There are several tools available which helps your code process faster and easier.The websites and web application made using CakePHP are highly secure as they are equipped with security features that would save your website against any vulnerability. Security setting like validations, data protection and constraints are done while using this framework. Several encryption algorithms like SHA, SHA256, MD5 etc. help in making the websitemore secure and authentic.

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