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Top 3 reasons to use MySQL

May 19, 2015

So here’s the reasons why someone would use MySQL and why we shouldn’t be making funeral plans for it just yet. 1. It’s ubiquitous Go to any Linux or Windows based web host, and there it is. Download an open source project and most of time that’s what it’s connected to. If you’re in a shared hosting environment you can’t just go an install something else, but you can stick with MySQL and download just about any open source software and use it. That’s an advantage, especially for new folks. 2. It’s easy to find help If you get stuck on something, there are countless places to find your solution. There are tens of thousands of tutorials, help docs and discussions about it. Chances are the problem you’re having isn’t anything new and someone has already solved it. 3. It’s easy to learn Pretty much anyone can learn the basics and get up and running very quickly with MySQL. If you’re building something small and simple it’s very easy, and quite forgiving. While this builds poor programming practices it also gives people training wheels until they learn more and decide to get a real database.  

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