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Roaming Data Between Windows Store Apps and Windows Phone Store Apps

May 08, 2015

Windows Runtime provides a great functionality of making the windows runtime apps that can run on multiple platforms like for mobile,desktop,tabs and other digital devices. Developing apps are more easy using .Net framework with C# language and XAML .But there’s an entirely different set of standards and expectations for today’s apps than the desktop apps of a decade ago. One of these expectations is that apps work and share data across multiple devices. If a user has the same app installed on their desktop and laptop, they’ll expect both apps to maintain the same configuration and work on the same set of data. Taking it a step further, if the same app is available on multiple devices, users will expect to be able to share data across devices. Windows Store and Windows Phone Store apps address this need with the concept of roaming data. Every app automatically receives a small amount of cloud storage per user. The user can use this to save information about the app and share it across multiple installs of the app. Windows Phone Store apps and Windows Store apps take this another step and let the user share data between apps on different devices.

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