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Scalable and Robust Console Application by .Net Framework

Feb 16, 2015

Console Applications are such type of applications which are CUI based . CUI stands for Character User Interface . Character user interface also sometimes means command line interface because it is such type of interface through which we interact with certain commands in the form of text . In the starting of third generation languages , we were working on console based applications only. We had some earlier operating systems like Unix which was totally CUI based only ,and we also have some DOS like MS-DOS,Apple-DOS,IBM-DOS etc which are always CUI based and will remain also in future. It was the initiative taken by the founder of Apple Mr. Steve Jobs in 1980s who visited Xerox PARC and copied the idea of GUI with purchasing some shares of it. After that Microsoft and IBM also copied the idea of GUI from Apple. Since after 1980 , we get GUI based OS in computers. Apple Founder Mr. Steve Jobs with the invention of Mouse changed the scene of GUI interactivity with great combination of mouse and keyboards for taking input from user by locating the area selection on interface. With GUI based OS in demand , we switched to GUI applications which provided rich interactive and user friendly interface to users. But till now also we often come across some console based applications like console games , DOS of any OS . Console Applications are used in replacement of GUI applications , in terms of speed and execution . By considering the same factors we now also use DOS which is fast executed in comparisons of GUI based activities in OS . The best example is online reservation which takes a lot time and execution process is time consuming as it is GUI based but on the other side the same task can be done with a good speed with CUI based applications available at railway reservation counters . Such all console applications can be created very easily by using Net Framework . .Net framework provides all such libraries which allows developers to create a colorful and thread based applications. With the support of Console type features like text color , cursors and detecting the keyboard's keys at run time , threading , delegates , events , attributes and reflections we can very easily create the console based games and complicated applications .

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