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Solving Sudoku Puzzles Using the MSF Library

May 11, 2015

A Sudoku puzzle is an example of what’s called a constraint satisfaction problem (CSP). One way to tackle CSPs programmatically is to use the Microsoft Solver Foundation (MSF) library. Although it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever need to solve a Sudoku puzzle as part of your normal work responsibilities. Microsoft Solver Foundation 3.1 is a set of development tools for mathematical simulation, optimization, and modeling that relies on a managed execution environment and the common language runtime (CLR). You can use any CLR language including Visual C#, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual F#, and IronPython. Because these languages use the functionality of the .NET Framework, you can also use technologies such as ASP.NET and Silverlight in your mathematical applications.

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One thought on “Solving Sudoku Puzzles Using the MSF Library

  1. There are multiple advantages of MSF library which is upgraded in Microsoft solver foundation 3.1. This example of Sudoku puzzle is very common one.

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