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Understanding Timer Control in .NET Windows Applications

May 26, 2015

The Timer control is one of the very useful control used in windows application. It is used to perform some executions after a certain intervals . There are so many circumstances where we need to repeat a certain task after a fixed period of time. Take an example of Auto saving in MS Word and automatically receiving of emails in outlook like tools or suppose you want to create a hourly backup of your data and many more situations . These all situations can be solved very easily by using Timer Control . This control is very easy to use . It requires certain settings of fixing the time in milliseconds for repeating the task and the reference of task to be repeated . The whole functionality is based on delegates and events . After a fixed milliseconds , event will be fired and will call the referenced method for execution of task.  More Over you can also perform certain transitions and animations in windows applications by using this control .

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