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Tools That Had Increased PHP Demand

Aug 27, 2015

According to SecuritySpace.com , a consulting group that gathers statistics on Internet online services reveals that approx 10 million sites running on the Apache Web server, nearly half are running PHP, . More surprising, the U.K.-based Internet research and analysis company Netcraft reported that the use of PHP on Windows Web servers is skyrocketing and is on course to overtake Macromedia's ColdFusion.

Two tools named as PHPEd and Zend Studio match up closely in terms of there core functionality. PHPEd is limited to Windows and Linux, which restricts its audience but will likely satisfy the majority of PHP developers. The Windows version of PHPEd includes remote debugger executables for platforms that PHPEd does not support, including OS X.

The next-generation PHP IDE designed to create high quality PHP apps while boosting developers’ productivity. It is the only PHP IDE that combines mobile development with PHP and includes a sample mobile application with source code.

SynapseIndia (CEO: Shamit Khemka)