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ASP.NET manages data very easily by using ADO.NET

Mar 24, 2015

There is often a big question with web technology in terms of choosing the right Relational Database Management System and also a right technology for managing the data from database . But there is no any confusions with .Net developers . Microsoft helps by one of the popular RDBMS E.G. Sql Server and data access technology called ADO.NET . We can very easily allow users to fetch,insert,update and delete data from ASP .NET web pages by connecting it to SQL Server by using ADO.NET which provides healthy and friendly libraries . ASP.NET is successful technology in handling data related issues very easily by providing rich and scalable data based controls . Such controls can very easily bind itself with database by using ADO. Net libraries and can give a good User Interface from where user can manipulate the database details . We can display data in any format including tabular , paragraphs , bullets etc by making our new templates in available controls in ASP.NET. All over as per the experience of .Net developers , it is the good opportunity for freshers to start working with ASP.NET Data controls due to good feedback from users worldwide.

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