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Visual Studio Code: A fast, lightweight, cross-platform code editor

Jul 30, 2015

Microsoft released its first cross-platform code editor named Visual Studio Code recently. The software giant has recently launched the preview version of its fast, easy to use, cross platform code editor named Visual Studio Code. The announcement was made at the Build developer conference 2015 held at San Francisco, CA.

Visual Studio Code is a lightweight, cross-platform code editor that you can use in Windows, Linux, or OS X platforms to build modern applications for the Web and cloud alike. A preview version of Visual Studio Code is available for free.

Visual Studio Code combines the simplicity and power of an elegant modern code editor with support for an integrated navigation and debugging experience which is the need of a full featured IDE (Integrated Development Environment) like the popular Visual Studio IDE. Visual Studio Code is built on an architecture that provides excellent support for code analysis of your C# code.

Visual Studio Code is a rich and powerful code editor with support for ASP.Net 5 development using C# language. It also provides support for developing applications using Node.js with TypeScript and JavaScript. Most importantly, Visual Studio Code can integrate with package managers and code repositories seamlessly. Visual Studio Code provides support for syntax highlighting, bracket matching, auto indent, and code snippets.

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