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What Is cakePHP And Benefits Of Using It

Aug 22, 2015

CakePHP is one of the best open source frameworks built on PHP & MySQL. Developers can derive lots of benefits from this framework.What this means is that they have tried to abstract some of the normal, every-day things you do in development in an effort to speed up development time and make you more profitable.In today's world, there is no excuse for not using a framework. If you refuse to use a framework, you find yourself creating a lot of the things that a good framework provides anyway (i.e. data abstraction layers, session classes, form validation, etc). By using a framework, you not only gain time, but you gain stability as the different components of the framework should be designed to work well together and have been thoroughly tested by the community.Whichever framework you choose is up to you.

As a trusted and efficient web development utility, CakePHP has following benefits for the web developer:

1.CakePHP is compatible with anumber of languages facilitating website developers to comfortably work.

2.It is completely different from other PHP frameworks as it facilitates the web developers to create many large scale applications. With its fast coding facility,developers can complete their work within a short time period. Also, it saves a lot of developer’s time by enabling them to reuse previously created encoding.

3.Model View Controller is another remarkable feature of CakePHP that allow developers to separate business logistics from presentation layer of the websites. It is an important part that connects database with queries and save data so as to keep track of each and every proceeding. Its view enables users to see the content they worked on while the controlling layer works on the data before it goes and relate with other layer present in the MVC.

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