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What is cloud development? Learn it by using .NET

Mar 16, 2015

Cloud computing refers to computers and applications that run remotely and are accessed over the Internet. In cloud computing, virtual machines run in large data centers and replace physical PCs and servers. By aggregating the computing needs of many users within a single center, economies of scale are achieved that result in significant benefits such as lower power utilization, simpler setup and maintenance, and easier upgrades to capacity and performance. Many applications can run unchanged as you redeploy them from local desktops or servers to the cloud. Windows Azure provides the core computing and storage capabilities for cloud-based applications. You can use the Microsoft tools and technologies you are already familiar with to build your applications, including .NET, C++, ASP.NET, WCF, and Visual Studio. Windows Azure provides the virtual CPU and storage needed to power your applications, enable them to communicate with one another, and efficiently deliver stored data to end users.

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