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Why Developers Love PHP

Aug 14, 2015

PHP, the venerable server-side scripting language, is famous for its use in Web development. First released in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf, it has been leveraged by the likes of WordPress and Facebook and reportedly is used in 82 percent of websites whose server-side programming language.

It's loved by developers because of following reasons :

It's popular and easy to learn

"PHP is by far the most popular Web development language," says Shamit Khemka, CEO at SynapseIndia. He emphasizes PHP's small learning curve, ease of deployment, and fast development iteration. "PHP is one of the easiest and most accessible Web programming languages available,". "It's installed on a vast majority of servers (including most shared hosting plans). It's relatively easy to learn thanks to excellent online documentation and up-to-date online resources."

Jobs available for Web developers

"PHP will help you make money and find a job," on the server-side Web, Gutmans said. One can also find many opportunities for web developers at SynapseIndia recruitment portals.

It continues to evolve

The language boasts modern capabilities like closures and namespaces, as well as performance and modern frameworks. As Shamit Khemka notes, "Some people who want to move away are not necessarily educated on what PHP has to offer." Developers says, are recognizing that PHP is powerful with modern features and a proper object-oriented programming model. Coming up is version 7, set to offer dramatic performance improvements in applications. He notes Facebook's enhancements for PHP, including the HHVM virtual machine and the Hack language.

SynapseIndia (CEO: Shamit Khemka)

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