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Aug 24, 2015

1. PHP is easier to learn:

Scripting languages like Python and Ruby are object oriented language at their core, so to do anything with the languages, you really have to understand object oriented theory and principles. This adds an unnecessary level of complexity to new learners.

Yes, modern software development is largely object oriented, but in initial phase of career it is better to learn basic programming concepts and techniques before going for the OOP (object oriented programming) layer.

PHP has both an object oriented layer and a much less complex layer that is ideal for begineers to learn PHP.

2. With PHP, it’s easier do real things.

With PHP, because it was designed specifically for the web, you can create web apps fairly quickly.

3. PHP is BY FAR the most used web development language – it’s not even close!

Check out this simple stat: over 80% of dynamic websites,are created with PHP. Ruby and Python together may add up to 7%.

In fact,we have found that large number of developers are moving forward to learn PHP, since there are so many highly paid jobs in the PHP world.

Consider this next options, WordPress runs about 23% of the world’s websites!! Add in Joomla and Drupal (two other popular CMS’) and we are probably close to 30% of the worlds websites being run by 3 web apps created with  PHP.

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