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Why use PHP and MySQL?

May 14, 2015

Using PHP scripting and MySQL database enables programmers to create applications that'll run on just about any computer, regardless of operating system. PHP has thousands of programming functions to facilitate almost any task. If the computer can run web server software, the PHP / MySQL application is portable across operating systems and environments ... PC, Mac, Linux, Unix, Windows, Internet, Intranet, etc. This means we can develop a project on my Windows PC, and send it to our friend in Slovakia who can run it on his Linux box. PHP / MySQL is most often used to create dynamic web sites. On this web site, one script drives about 60 pages of content. Additional scripts are used here to process form data ... but that too could be done through the main script using included files. PHP / MySQL projects include forums or communities, organizers, project management tools, calendars, shopping carts, mailing lists, and all sorts of useful applications. Source code for many open source projects is free, while advanced projects often require a registration fee for commercial use. Data can be exported from MySQL for use in spreadsheets or databases on your PC. Similarly, data residing in existing PC spreadsheets and databases can be imported to an online database. The portability of data opens up all sorts of uses, especially for workgroups and for those who need to access data from both home and work.  

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