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Windows Identity Foundation

Apr 02, 2015

Most developers are not security experts and many feel uncomfortable being given the job of authenticating, authorizing, and personalizing experiences for users. It’s not a subject that has been traditionally taught in computer science curriculum, and there’s a long history of these features being ignored until late in the software development life cycle. It’s not surprising nowadays to see a single company with tens or hundreds of web applications and services, many of which have their own private silo for user identities, and most of which are hardwired to use one particular means of authentication. Developers know how tedious it is to build identity support into each application, and IT pros know how expensive it is to manage the resulting set of applications. WIF is a set of .NET Framework classes; it is a framework for implementing claims-based identity in your applications. By using it, you’ll more easily reap the benefits of claims-based systems described in this guide. WIF can be used in any Web application or Web service that uses the .NET Framework version 3.5 SP1 or later. WIF is just one part of Microsoft’s Federated Identity software family that implements the shared industry vision for an interoperable Identity Meta system.

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